Looking for shelving - wood or metal
I realize this is a Freecycle, but I am willing to pay for this book.
Looking for unwanted baby items .. Clothes , shoes , blankets... etc if you have any to get rid of let me know ASAP !!!
Looking for boys & girls clothes for fall & winter 3 - 6 months !!
Looking for any type of succulent plants. Hens and chicks are favorites, but any type would be appreciated.
We Pick Up Used Appliances You no longer want Washers Dryers Batteries Stoves Etc No Dishwashers Or TVS
I'm about to have a baby boy and have nothing really. Crib, pack and play, swing, bouncer, car seat, stroller, bottles, blankets, clothes, diapers, toys, baby monitor, anything you need for a baby. Anything will help and thank you in advance!
Any and all arts and crafts items. Fabric, painting stuff, wood, metal, jewelery making stuff, sewing stuff, candle making stuff, scrapbooking stuff, clay, etc. Literally anything that can be used to make cool stuff with kids in my group. Can pick up or meet. Thank you in advance!
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